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Jesper Krijgsman Portrait May 2017

Jesper Krijgsman combines his skills as a graphic designer with his love for nature.

The reason dutch visual artist Jesper Krijgsman started creating art is his attraction the process of evolution in shaping and behaviour of plants and animals. Their richness in diversity of form, colour and texture is something that fascinates him. He felt a desire to create something that would feature these unique qualities and expand his connection with nature.


Before his start in design Jesper was already experimenting with image editing and graphic design. What interested him most was the ability to shape the existing visual into something fantastical.


To bring his digital landscapes to life, Jesper uses photography and editing. He meticulously combines his photography of natural elements and assembles these into virtual dreamscapes with a high level of detail. He is fascinated by combining digital techniques with the natural world. His dreams, emotions and fantasies are his inspiration. The compositions he creates are fiction – a world full of wonder. Yet the artist uses exclusively natural elements in his work – all his material is gathered from our natural world.


Through his compositions he hopes he is able to convince others that nature is full of wonders and magic.


Jesper Krijgsman was born in 1992 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2011.

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Jesper Krijgsman Portrait May 2017
Jesper Krijgsman Portrait May 2017