Our connection with the natural world has never been more crucial than ever before.



Digital Botanics


Digital Botanics is the digital art series Jesper Krijgsman started last year. It consists of digital collages of hundreds of photographs of plants, flowers and animals Jesper photographed himself.


What he aims to portray in his compositions is impossible to capture in one photograph: emotions, thoughts and even dreams throughout the most purest subject: Nature. Therefore, he constructs these compositions out of natural elements himself with patience and some visual trickery.


About the series.


The Dutch-born artist studies graphic design in Zurich, where he resides since spring 2011. With a fascination for nature and a passion for digital art, Jesper explores how the natural world can blend with our digital world.


Beside the beauty of nature, the artist also aims to depict its strength, mystery and innocence and hopes to inspire people to identify further with nature.

As Jesper grows older and develops in the field of graphic design, the digital world becomes a more prominent part of his life. In our present day, a world without our digital infrastructure becomes almost unthinkable.


Meanwhile, Jesper becomes more conscious of the environment and the natural world. It would be nice if every person – what ever their field of activity – would become more aware of nature and its beauty and would give it more attention.


Download overview of my Digital Botanics series here in PDF (5.7 MB)


For use in media, prints, commissions or exhibitions please contact me at contact@jesperkrijgsman.com.

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