Jesper Krijgsman is a  graphic designer and illustrator from the Netherlands, living in Zurich, Switzerland. He taught himself almost everything he knows about graphic design. He worked as a design intern for a Swiss lifestyle magazine and currently works for a communication agency in Zurich. He also works as a an independent designer and illustrator.

Born in 1992, in Amsterdam. Jesper grew up in the Netherlands and moved to Zurich, Switzerland in 2011. Moving to a new environment, aside from learning a new language and surroundings, has changed his worldview and proved to be a learning experience.


At a young age, he was fascinated with the visual world. This was most obvious when Jesper started wondering and imagining the craft of digital artworks, record illustrations, animations, and other visual works. This led to a desire to produce his own artwork and — through trial and error —he developed the technical skills and gained experience. So began his passion in graphic design.


Our connection with the natural world has never been more crucial than ever before.



Jesper aims to create original work whenever possible, rather than combining pre-designed work. He enjoys photographing and designing elements to aid in the creative process. Resulting in a personal ever-expanding database of photos, textures and other design elements he uses in his designs.


Jesper designed graphics, posters and CD-covers for best-selling classical composer Thomas Bergersen (USA), producer and conductor Ciprian Costin (USA), Scholarship foundation Fritz-Gerber-Stifung for young gifted people (CH), website Boysonline.eu (NL), and Dutch rapper Chiel Droog (NL). He completed a design course at Zurich's University of Arts in 2014/2015.


In 2015, Jesper was announced the winner of the design contest held by the Fritz Gerber Foundation for gifted young people in a contest to design the cover page for their annual report (Article in German/French). He is also a recipient of a scholarship from the Fritz Gerber Foundation in 2014.

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