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Jesper Krijgsman is a designer who fell in love with nature.


„The reason I started creating art is that I’ve always been attracted to the process of evolution in shaping and behaviour of plants and animals. Their richness in diversity of form, colour and texture is something I find quite beautiful and powerful. I felt a desire to create something that would feature these unique qualities and expand my connection with nature.”


Jesper Krijgsman Portrait Mai 2017


Born in Amsterdam in 1992, already at a young age, a fascination for the visual world emerged. This was most obvious when Jesper started imagining the craft of record illustrations, animations, and other visual work. This led to a desire to experiment and contribute to our visual culture. So began his passion in graphic design.


He worked as a design for a Swiss lifestyle magazine and currently works for a communication agency in Zurich, where he resides since 2011.


Jesper's recent work focuses on expressing emotion through nature. In his 'Digital Botanics' series, the artist explores themes found nestled inside a state of mind, by looking outside.


He's taken a semester design course at Zurich's University of Arts in 2015 and is now taking a bachelor course in communication and design.







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Jesper Krijgsman Photoshop Magazine 51Jesper Krijgsman Photoshop Magazine 51Jesper Krijgsman Photoshop Magazine 51





Printed artwork is available through www.werkaandemuur.nl which offers a large range of materials and sizes.


Jesper Krijgsman Portrait Mai 2017

Jesper Krijgsman Portrait Mai 2017